Welcome to Snake vs Crane.

My name is Steven Moody.

I moved to Oakland, California in 2000.  One of the big draws of the Bay Area for me was Wing Chun, a fighting science I’ve been interested in for decades.

After I arrived, I took advantage of the opportunities here and dedicated myself, studying Wing Chun Kung Fu in particular and fight science (physiology, psychology, history, philosophy, etc) in general.  This training and research has been my unpaid part-time job.

Between 2000 and 2008, I tried three different approaches to Wing Chun before discovering Greg LeBlanc’s school, where I finally tapped into the wisdom of Wong Shun Leung.

After more than five years, I’m now close to “finishing” the Wing Chun system in the Greg LeBlanc – Gary Lam – Wong Shun Leung – Ip Man lineage. I put the word finishing in parentheses because you never really finish!  Its just like golf or any other sport: you are always competing with yourself to improve just a little bit more.  And then you start dealing with the loss of capability as you age and that’s another challenge.  It only ends when you give up training or when you die.

Over the years, I’ve read hundreds of books and thousands of articles on fighting, exercise science, physiology, and the psychology of combat and  I’ve relentlessly picked the brains of my teachers.

This website is about communicating the best and most distilled version of what I’ve learned.

I want to help other people get to where I am (and beyond!) faster and more efficiently.  I am trying to “hack” this information and figure out how to communicate it as clearly and simply as possible.

I will also pass along the best of the Wing Chun and fighting-related movies, articles, science, psychology, and events I find through my research and contacts.

My ultimate goal is to create enough material to write a book, the one I always wished I could find on Wing Chun.

I’m also studying information design and looking at other how-to books to try and figure out the best way to use text, photos, illustrations, and multimedia to accomplish my objective.

So – welcome, enjoy the site, and stick around. I’m just barely getting started.

Please let know what you think using the comments button or via email (steve@snakevscrane.com).


Gary Lam, Greg LeBlanc, And Steven Moody

Gary Lam, Greg LeBlanc, and me. I didn’t get the memo: hands clasped in front – no smiling!